About us

Who are we?

Bitmax24 is a world-renowned financial services provider offering a range of investment products, including online trading and FX. Our high-tech trading platform offers customers around the world the opportunity to invest in over 1,000 world-class assets including forex, equities, commodities and indices.

Bitmax24 was born when there was a need to fill a gap in the industry. There were potential traders on the market, but they were being exploited by trading platforms that only cared about their profits. Even today, there are many such trading platforms. The company Bitsterzio wants the best for every trader, but the owners always knew that wanting it was not enough. To help traders achieve their financial goals, they started a company that began as a small brokerage for local traders only.


Our Vision

Our primary goal is to unleash your trading potential through cutting-edge technological innovation and financial expertise. Immediately after start-up, traders begin to place their trust in the company like no other. This clearly indicated to the founders that the need for a large and reliable trading platform was much greater than they expected. Shortly after the initial launch, the company began to obtain registration to trade in other parts of the world.


Why Bitmax24?

We are fully dedicated to a seamless trading experience on over 1,000 top assets. Trade forex, equities, commodities and indices with zero commissions and fees on our exclusive next-generation trading platform (desktop, mobile or tablet). Benefit from 24/6 world-class support and live expert assistance. When you trade with us you can:

  • Try a new generation trading platform;
  • Benefit from competitive spreads, high yields and ultra-fast execution;
  • Optimise your market performance with advanced charts and analysis tools
  • Trading securely on desktops, mobiles or tablets
  • Investing in a safe trading environment at 100%


Open an account now and start trading!


Trading with Bitmax24 is easy. Load your account with 250 euro and start trading.

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Trading with Bitmax24 is easy. Load your account with 250 euro and start trading.